For participants

Cancelled – Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 May 2021

After many meetings and considerations, the Locje’s Working Group MHR has decided to organise a “small” Modul-HO-Rail – MHR21 in 2021.

This implies:

  • No paying visitors
  • No professional exhibitors
  • Just among the participants with limited visitors (by invitation)

Why are we doing this?

  • Covid19 has something to do with this but is definitely not the main reason
  • Shifting MobExpo has a lot to do with that
    • Pushed by Covid19 of course
  • Most importantly, we want to introduce major changes to ‘driving’ and
    want to try out quietly with a varied field of participants
  • We hope to make it (even) more fun and fluid


MHR21 will take place from Saturday morning 0900, 22 May 2021 to Sunday evening 1800, 23 May 2021 and that at the Pilot Centre in Pamel.


  • Because it is a small MHR, no fees will be paid.
  • We do take care of the costs of the halls.


If you know other teams or clubs who would want to participate, suggest they
then feel free to contact us or try to warm them up yourself. These teams and clubs should not necessarily bring their own jobs. Individual operators and signallers are more than welcome.

Philippe Callaert does prospecting for De Locje for new participating clubs. We really hope to attract some complete newcomers so we can broaden the base, but of course hope for your massive interest in participating.

Some technique

  • Mechanical connections with Joker module from and according to febelrail standards
  • Digital driving with DCC (and MM) protocol
  • Driving trains with tablet, smart phone, iPhone, …
    • Equipment provided by the participating clubs
    • Software free to download
  • Central WiFi, telephone system are made available by the organisers
  • Seinen and switches according to the participants’ system
  • Each participating job a number of modules to be agreed
  • 2 transitional modules
  • Rolling material by bringing the participants
  • Booster by standards
  • A laptop, preferably with RJ45 connection

Goal : to link about 80 meters of modules

Associations/teams that wish to participate are invited to come forward before 31 October 2020!

Send an email to
Final participation will be confirmed by 31 December 2020.